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10 Things You Can Do To Take Back America!

June 6, 2009

1. Take back raising your child.

Take your children out of public schools. Join a homeschool group or send them to private schools. Schools get federal money per child enrolled. Public schools indoctrinate through mandatory support of the federal agenda.

2. Start at the local level.

Local governments have massively ballooned in size and scope. Realize that most of what local governments pay for is not a necessity, but a special interest. This includes senior centers, public pools, economic councils, and job fares. These all take money from you and your neighbors through taxes. DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR A LOCAL TAX INCREASE. This is theft from your neighbors.

3. Take back charity and compassion from the government.

It isn’t the duty of the government to take care of those in need. Donate to local groups that provide charitable works and volunteer to help. Take care of your extended family. Don’t depend upon the government to take care of your neighbors. Be part of your community. If you cannot find a local avenue for charitable work, call a national group such as United Way or Salvation Army.

4. Refuse handouts.

If you take any subsidies, stop. If you need assistance, use a local charity or ask your neighbors for help. Charities exist all over the country. Can’t find one? Go to a nearby church or religious group. Call a national organization such as the Red Cross, which can refer you to local assistance.

5. Read about and support causes already working for liberty.

Print literature. Invite these organizations to local events. Liberty minded organizations are numerous. Some notable ones include,, and

6. Promote and attend more rallies and freedom focused events.

April 15th Tax Day protests were hugely successful across the country, despite ridicule by national media outlets. Peaceful protests unite and gain supporters.

7. Do not make this political.

Freeing America from tax slavery and socialist chains is not a Republican/Democrat/Libertarian issue. Don’t exclude. We need all Americans to realize the dire situation we face. If we remain divisive, we will get nowhere.

8. Do not support private companies that receive federal handouts or bailout money.

If you have accounts through banks that received handouts, transfer them. Let these companies know that corporate welfare is unacceptable.

9. Study and know The Constitution.

Realize that it has flaws; otherwise the government would be the same size it was in 1800. Consider what would enable more freedoms and less intervention.

10. Be responsible for your actions.

Do not be litigious. Do not seek to harm others in any way. Take care of yourself and your family. Americans have abandoned personal responsibility in favor of government assistance and finger pointing. This can turn around.

This list was created by an Ohio mother, businesswoman, and advocate for freedom.

Please distribute this to everyone you know.

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