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CA Court Ruling on Proposition 8 Sets Dangerous Precedent!

May 28, 2009

For all of the proponents of Democracy ….. congratulations! Democracy was protected and the voice of the simple majority has violated the rights of tens of thousands of individuals, and the precedent set is poised to violate the rights of every single person in America at some time in the near future.

No! I am not a supporter of gay marriage, nor do I believe that marriage is a right …. of anyone.

I am a Christian; I hold the traditional view of marriage; I believe homosexuality is a sin against God, but Prop 8 is bad law and the Court ruling to uphold it only shows that those judges have failed to protect the Constitution of the United States, and sets a very dangerous precedent for the future of individual liberty.

I usually write long-winded journals, but this one I will keep short and sweet (relatively speaking) … maybe not so sweet, but to the point.

Our founding fathers abhorred Democracy, and THIS is the quintessential reason why. Benjamin Franklin describe Democracy as “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch,” he described liberty as “a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” John Quincy Adams stated that, “There was never a Democracy yet that didn’t commit suicide.” Our Constitution, the foundation of our government and the foundation of our way of life, never instituted a Democracy in America – It instituted a Republic. A Republic is a limited form of government which not only protects the people from tyrannical rule, but also from the mob – the simple majority – the 51% of Californians who believe that homosexuals don’t have the right to choose their own path.

What has Prop 8 done? Has it kept homosexuals from being homosexual? No. Has it kept them from living with one another for the rest of their lives? No. Has it somehow managed to make holy all those marriages out there by heterosexuals who have tainted their unions with adultery? No. Has it somehow managed to teach your children the value of remaining sexually abstinent until marriage in order to honor God and his design for the sexes? No. Has it made homosexuals in California say to themselves, “Gee, I’d better stop living in sin now.” NO!

Prop 8 has done NOTHING!!! Except piss off an ever-growing minority who will only over take the simple majority in a few years. Do you know what this does in light of the court’s ruling? 49% of California voters support gay marriage – notice I said voters. There is no doubt still a great number of people who didn’t vote at all who support gay marriage. And what happens when they gain the upper hand? The needed 51%? Repeal the Prop 8 Amendment? Likely, but now they can do much worse. They will be able to not only make gay marriage legal, but they can make heterosexual marriage illegal. They could force religious clergy to act against their beliefs and marry homosexual couples. They could even deem Christians as a threat to individual liberty and essentially ban the practice of it – all because of mob rule; Democracy.

Christians across America are cheering at this so-called victory. But they have set a dangerous precedent which could come back and bite all of us in the butt. Mob rule is dangerous; Democracy is dangerous. And if you are a supporter of Democracy, I highly recommend you that  you re-think your political position. Because it has brought about bad law and dangerous precedent which threatens any one’s beliefs that exists in 49% of the vote.

I encourage to watch this short video about what form of government was set up in America and why.

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